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Natural Energy Support

Perth Naturopath Tara Ross

Are you stuck in Zombie Land?


  • Trying to work out why you’re so tired lately? 


  • Have a short fuse these days, finding yourself feeling irritated by things that never used to bother you? 


  • Experience “brain fog,” forgetting details that used to be easy to remember? 


  • Get a second wind in the evening and stay up too late because you feel too wired to sleep?  


Perth Naturopath Tara Ross can help you to gain the energy you need ...


Perth Naturopath Tara Ross | Energy Support

So what's causing you to feel this way? 


These are all symptoms of adrenal fatigue.  Your adrenal glands are two tiny glands that sit above your kidneys and have the important job of producing the “get up and go” hormone cortisol. 


Adrenal fatigue occurs after your adrenal glands have pumped out high levels of cortisol over a long period of time to cope with your fast paced life that often includes high stress levels and not enough rest.  Eventually you reach the bottom of your cortisol fuel tank, resulting in no more “get up and go”, causing energy levels to plummet. 


Do you try to ignore these symptoms to push through the day? 


Do you then end up feeling overwhelmed by everything you need to do and the fact that you have no energy to do it? 


My advice is to put some of your own needs first, primarily your health.  You need to refill your fuel tank so you can be the best person you can be.


The good news? Adrenal fatigue is entirely treatable and you can also prevent it from reoccurring 


Most of the time some simple dietary and lifestyle changes can help to restore normal adrenal gland function.  However, adrenal fatigue can differ in severity from person to person.  If you have had these adrenal fatigue symptoms for a long time your adrenal glands may require some herbal and nutritional supplementation also.  


There may also be other underlying health issues that are causing you to feel so fatigued.  For example, conditions such as low thyroid function and reproductive hormone imbalance have unrelenting fatigue as one of their most common symptoms. 


As a naturopath and hormone advisor specialising in health conditions such as adrenal fatigue, reproductive hormone balance and thyroid support I am in one of the best positions to help you identify and then treat the causes of your low energy and fatigue.  The adrenal glands, thyroid gland and reproductive organs all produce different hormones that work together in a very delicate balance in the body.  Even if only one hormone is out of kilter, it can affect all the other hormones causing you to feel dreadful.


I offer pathology testing to accurately test all of your hormone levels – adrenal, thyroid and reproductive hormones.  Saliva hormone testing is the gold standard for testing adrenal and reproductive hormone levels and serum testing is recommended for thyroid function.  I also offer VLA testing at the clinic – a non-invasive, scientifically validated test that helps to identify the causes of your lack of energy.


Imagine if you could finally escape from Zombie Land and get the energy you deserve …

I have good news


I currently have a limited number of obligation free, 1 hour Increase Your Energy consultations, normally valued at $199 for $149.   

Bookings for these $149 Increase Your Energy consultations are limited and will be given on a first come, first served basis until all available appointment times are taken.  


Don't miss out, mention this great offer when you call 0432 428 947 or use the contact form below to book today! 

Thank you for your email. You will receive a response from Naturopath Tara Ross within 24 hours

Find out what Shirley has to say about her Increase Your Energy consultation ...


"Since I have been under Tara's care, she has helped to treat my debilitating chronic tiredness resulting from a health condition known as adrenal fatigue, which was not correctly diagnosed through the medical system.  Tara has also helped me get back to feeling myself again with renewed amounts of energy most days. I have also been able to leave all sorts of emotional burdens behind, allowing me to step forward with confidence in my future. Thanks Tara, may you continue to assist people on their health journeys" ... Read more here

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