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Perth Naturopath and Hormone Advisor  SUCCESS STORIES

Balance Your Hormones like Helmein and Judy:


Helmein's success story:


"I attended Tara Ross' Hormonal Health seminar and found the information Tara presented very valuable and informative. Tara presented the information (which could be very medical and daunting!) in a way that was easy to understand and follow. I found Tara to be very knowledgeable on the subject of hormonal health. I decided to have a consultation with Tara and she gave me a personalised Hormone Balance health plan. Within a few days of following Tara's recommendations I could feel the difference. I have been on the plan for about two months now and have more energy, already feel more hormonally balanced (less mood swings and irritability) and I have started to lose weight for the first time since I have had my babies. I generally just feel so much healthier. I would recommend Tara's services to anyone who is interested in learning more about their hormones and taking charge of their lives again" 


Helmein Ellis, Toodyay​


Judy's success story:


"Tara was recommended to me by a work colleague as a Naturopath who specialises in women’s health.  For 18 months I had been experiencing very painful periods because of fibroids and cysts on my ovaries.  I was also pre-menopausal so was experiencing hot flushes at night, sleeplessness, mood swings and a general feeling of being physically ‘unbalanced’.  So, all in all, not in a good place!  I was seeing a GP whose only recommendation was pain killers, and referral to a Gynaecologist – his solution was a hysterectomy or at the very least, removal of my ovaries.


Around the same time, a friend recommended a book called “What your doctor may not tell you about pre-menopause” and this was life-changing as I could quite easily have been one of their case studies!  Reading this book confirmed that surgery was not the answer and that there were other less invasive ways of dealing with this – it was after reading this book that I contacted Tara.  She was familiar with the studies undertaken by the authors of the book, which was reassuring.  Tara made her own recommendations, which confirmed what I had thought after reading the book.  She recommended a health plan including herbal medication as well as lifestyle and dietary advice, all of which have significantly alleviated the symptoms and created a sense of well-being and balance back into my life over 6 months.  Apart from feeling much better I was glad to see this was scientifically confirmed by the results of my two saliva hormone tests.  The first test was taken prior to starting Tara’s health plan and showed imbalanced hormone levels.  The second test taken 4 months later showed a significant improvement in the balance of my hormone levels".  


Judy, Coolbellup


Increase Your Energy like Shirley and Helen:


Shirley's success story:


"Since I have been under Tara's care, she has helped to treat my debilitating chronic tiredness resulting from a health condition known as adrenal fatigue - which was not correctly diagnosed through the medical system.  Tara has also helped me get back to feeling myself again with renewed amounts of energy most days. I have also been able to leave all sorts of emotional burdens behind, allowing me to step forward with confidence in my future.


One of the first things Tara recommended is that I eat a protein based breakfast which quickly led to a big increase in my energy levels.  As someone who had not eaten breakfast on a regular basis since I was a teenager, I now feel hungry first thing in the morning and find that I actually get hunger pains if I do not eat. The first time I got the pain I was really worried and it took me several minutes to work out what it was.  When I realised what it was I was feeling, I told Tara to give her a chuckle for the day!  ​


Thanks Tara, may you continue to assist people on their health journeys."​


Shirley Knapp, Kardinya


Helen's success story:


"After over two decades of searching traditional models for help with ongoing health problems with digestion, allergies, poor sleep patterns, and general all over body pain that had no specific cause, finally I stumbled into Tara Ross’ naturopathy clinic.


Tara’s caring, supportive nature, her extensive experience and expertise, and her practice wisdom have been amazing.  She was able to completely turn my health around so that now I feel in the best shape I’ve been for a very long time.  


Thanks Tara – you encouraged me to keep going, you always came up with useful (and correct) health plans, offered quality products to support my physical and mental wellbeing and worked positively with me so I could achieve a better quality of life.


I cannot recommend Tara highly enough.  


And, by the way, I’m 100% sold on the Improve Your Digestion program Tara uses – it’s so easy and I feel fabulous when it’s done."


Helen Wilson, South Fremantle


Improve Your Digestion like Helen and Danny:


Helen's success story:


"Doing the Improve Your Digestion program with Tara was something I thought would be unpleasant and restrictive.  So I resisted on embarking with it for several visits with Tara - finding lots of excuses.  Finally it was time!  Feeling overwhelmed with persistent digestive upsets, was worse I figured, than what lay ahead with the program.  What a surprise!  The program was easy to follow with very little interruption to my routine and the results were amazing!  The program worked wonders and for the first time in nearly 4 years I enjoy food, don't get bloated, have no churning gut, no heavy head, and best of all, no reflux problems - FINALLY!  I have been amazed and thrilled with the results.  I'd wholeheartedly recommend this program to anyone thinking of finding a gentle, 100% successful treatment for creating health for their digestive system."​


Helen Wilson, South Fremantle​


Danny's success story:


"I first came to see Tara to treat uncomfortable digestive symptoms that I had been experiencing for 20 years.  Tara recommended I enrol in the Improve Your Digestion program.  From the very first day of starting the eating plan and taking the supplements I felt so much better.  After the 6 weeks I feel great with a massive reduction in uncomfortable digestive symptoms and a lot more energy.  Thanks Tara, you are a magician!"  




Maximise Your Fertility like Karen and Jodie:


Karen's success story:


“I first saw Tara after having irregular cycles and trying to conceive for about nine months after coming off the pill. She didn’t give me any false hopes or promises of a ‘miracle cure’ but was confident she could help me get my cycle back on track within three months. I followed the advice, supplements and diet changes Tara recommended – and had two normal cycles over two months. In the third month I fell pregnant!”​


Karen, Willagee​

Jodie's success story:

"After failed IVF, my weight going up and down due to Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and not having a period for up to 4 months at a time, a girlfriend recommended Tara's services to me.  Whilst my partner and I wanted children, getting myself healthy and my menstrual cycle regulated was our first priority.  After 4 weeks of being on Tara's health plan, I went to my doctor to have an ultrasound to check my ovaries for cysts.  Well, there were no cysts, but there was something - my little man!!  After many attempts to have a baby and no luck, 4 weeks on Tara's health plan, and BAM!  We were expecting a baby!!!  Needless to say, Tara will be the first person I come to for baby #2.  No clinics and medical interference for this mumma again!"

Jodie Brylewski, Orelia

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