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Natural Thyroid Support

Perth Naturopath and Hormone Advisor

Is your thyroid affecting your health?

  • Do you feel overweight, constantly tired or sensitive to the cold?


  • Have you long suspected that you have a thyroid problem but been told nothing is wrong?


  • Do you take thyroid medication yet still experience any of the above symptoms?


If you have answered yes to any of the above questions your thyroid may not be functioning correctly.


Perth naturopath and hormone advisor Tara Ross can help you correct your thyroid function so you can finally feel well...

Perth Naturopath and Hormone Advisor Tara Ross | Thyroid Balance

What is low thyroid function?


Low thyroid function means that your thyroid gland can no longer produce optimum levels of thyroid hormones.


Symptoms of low thyroid function include: 


  • fatigue

  • unexplained weight gain

  • sensitivity to cold

  • poor concentration

  • constipation

  • dry skin

  • dry, coarse or thinning hair

  • symptoms of depression  


You may be experiencing some or all of these symptoms, have a thyroid function blood test and be told that “everything is fine.”  What you might not know is that low thyroid function may not necessarily show up on standard thyroid function blood tests.  


You may have already been diagnosed with low thyroid function and take thyroid medication yet you still experience some or all of these symptoms, despite being told that your thyroid hormone levels are within normal range.


What does the thyroid gland do and why is it so important to my health and wellbeing?


Located at the base of your throat, your thyroid gland produces hormones that help maintain overall balance in your body, you could liken it to the "thermostat of your body". Thyroid hormones can affect your health in many ways, including:


  • metabolism

  • body temperature

  • menstrual cycles

  • weight gain and loss

  • cholesterol levels

  • skin hydration and more


 Your thyroid helps determine how you metabolise food, how you store and use energy, how you think, talk, sleep and more!  So it makes sense that when your thyroid function is low, you can feel terribly unwell.​


But my doctor says I don't have low thyroid function...


When you ask your doctor to test your thyroid function they send you for a thyroid function blood test to assess the levels of a hormone called TSH.  The ‘normal’ range is very wide with TSH levels of between 0.4 and 4 and if yours falls within this range you will not receive treatment from your doctor.​  


Medical research conducted over the past two decades now suggests that TSH ranges should be narrowed and that if you have a TSH level over 2 you may have what is now known as subclinical hypothyroidism.  Subclinical hypothyroidism means you still experience symptoms of low thyroid function and may benefit from natural thyroid treatment.


You may be feeling frustrated after being told that your thyroid levels are 'normal' when you still experience many low thyroid function symptoms.  If this is the case, you will be relieved to hear that I can either review your recent thyroid function test or order a new thyroid function test to assess if you have subclinical low thyroid function.  If you do, you will be excited to know that I can help you to optimise your thyroid function naturally.​


I already take medication for low thyroid function but still don't feel well...


When you were diagnosed with low thyroid function your doctor prescribed a medication called thyroxine.  Thyroxine is the synthetic form of the thyroid hormone that is needed to replace what your thyroid gland can no longer produce and is essential for you to take daily for your health and well being.  However, if you are still experiencing low thyroid function symptoms your body may not be able to utilise thyroxine as effectively as it should and/or you may have another health condition that is affecting your thyroid. 


You may be feeling confused because, although you have regular thyroid function blood tests and your doctor says that thyroxine dose is adequate, you still feel dreadful.  You will be relieved to know that I can review your latest thyroid function tests or arrange for a new thyroid function test to assess if your thyroid is not functioning correctly.  If this is the case, I can help you enable your body to utilise your thyroxine medication more effectively.  I can also help you to establish if there are any health conditions that may be contributing to your low thyroid function and assist you in treating them.


I experience some of these symptoms.  How can I find out if I have low thyroid function?


Low thyroid function is a very common health condition yet its' symptoms such as fatigue and weight gain can often be misdiagnosed.  It is common in women, especially after pregnancy and during menopause.  Low thyroid function is often genetic, with several people being diagnosed within a family.  If you experience symptoms, it is very much in your best interest to have a thyroid function test. 


I can organise a thyroid function test and analyse the results for you.  If you have low thyroid function I can help you to find the appropriate medical and naturopathic treatment you need to optimise your thyroid function.​


Imagine if you could treat your low thyroid function and finally feel well again...


I have good news


I currently have a limited number of obligation free, 1 hour Thyroid Balance consultations, normally valued at at $199, for $149.   


During this consultation I can arrange the thyroid function testing described above to address your low thyroid function as well as help you create a healthy eating and lifestyle plan to support your thyroid function and overall good health and vitality


Bookings for these $149 Thyroid Balance consultations are limited and will be given on a first come, first served basis until all available appointment times are taken.  


Don't miss out, mention this great offer when you call 0432 428 947 or use the contact form below to book today!

Thank you for your email. You will receive a response from Naturopath Tara Ross within 24 hours

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