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Natural Weight Loss Program

Perth Naturopath Tara Ross

Do you have weight loss resistance?


  • Are you confused and concerned that you have gained weight with no change to your diet and lifestyle?


  • Are you upset and frustrated that you are unable to lose weight?


  • Do you get discouraged and disheartened when every diet that you try doesn't work?


Perth naturopath and hormone advisor Tara Ross can help you to reach and maintain your ideal weight...​

Why can't I lose weight?

Have you been told that if just you stop eating as much and do more exercise, you will lose weight? 


This message is relayed to us every day.  Yet many can’t lose weight.  Are these people lying about what they eat and about how much they exercise?


I don’t think so — because every day I see clients who struggle with weight loss despite having an impeccable diet and exercise regime.

Are you like these new clients I see every day, driving yourself crazy with diets, weighing every morsel of food you put into your body? 


Do you never miss a workout, never cheat with food, but every time you get on the scales you find that you have lost very little weight, or even gained weight?  


You may have a condition known as weight loss resistance.  


You will be relieved to know that I can help you to find and address the cause/s of your weight loss resistance so you can reach and maintain your ideal weight.

What is weight loss resistance?

Weight loss resistance arises when you have an imbalance in your body that makes losing weight extremely challenging.

Weight loss resistance can be extremely frustrating and often isolating as others may not understand your struggle to lose weight. 


The first thing I want to say is I believe that you are not a closet eater and that you are doing everything you can. 

The reality is that there may be one or more of the following imbalances preventing you from losing weight and I can help you to resolve them. 


Once these imbalances are resolved, you will be able to much more easily reach and then maintain your goal weight. 


You deserve to find out what’s lying at the core of your weight loss puzzle and I can help you to do so.

What causes weight loss resistance?

One or more of the following imbalances could be contributing to your weight loss resistance:

  • long term high stress levels

  • low thyroid function

  • blood sugar imbalance

  • low serotonin associated with depression

  • irritable bowel syndrome

  • reproductive hormone imbalance

Imagine if you could solve your weight loss puzzle and reach your ideal weight...

I know that you may have been struggling with weight loss for a very long time, and that you probably feel discouraged, disheartened, and maybe even guilty.  Please take these feelings and release them for good - weight loss resistance is not your fault.  It’s an underlying imbalance that is keeping you from losing weight.  Once this imbalance is addressed, the weight will come off much more easily and quickly.

If you would like me to help you to solve your weight loss puzzle, I have good news.  


I currently have a limited number of obligation free, 1 hour Weight Loss Resistance consultations, normally valued at $199, for $149   


During this consultation I will identify and address the cause/s of your weight loss resistance, so you can start to lose weight


As an added bonus, this consultation also includes a complimentary VLA test, valued at $50


This non invasive, scientifically validated test provides me with insight into the causes of your weight loss resistance


This gives you $249 worth of value for just $149


Bookings for these $149 Weight Loss Resistance consultations are limited and will be given on a first come, first served basis until all available appointment times are taken.  


Don't miss out, mention this great offer when you call 0432 428 947 or use the contact form to book today! 

Perth Naturopath Tara Ross | Natural Weight Loss Program
Perth Naturopath Tara Ross | Natural Weight Loss Program

Rosemary Spark suffered from weight loss resistance for many years.  With Tara's help she has lost 39kg in just 16 months!

"In October 2007 I underwent a spinal operation and was prescribed the pharmaceutical medication Lyrica to help reduce the pain of my fibromyalgia. After this I began to put on a lot of weight, gaining 50kg – going from 65kg to 115kg. Some of that weight gain was due to the fact that I was unable to walk very far because of cramping in my back and legs, caused by my fibromyalgia.


During this time I tried a lot of different things to lose weight: all kinds of diets, going off Lyrica (ouch!), meditation, yoga, living on salad, etc. ... nothing worked. I went to a dietitian who didn't believe me when I said what I was eating because I wasn’t losing any weight. One weight loss company would not even take my money saying they were unable to treat me because I was taking Lyrica medication.


I battled alone to lose weight over a couple of years yet managed to lose just over 10kg in that time.


I joined Tara’s Weight Management program at the end of June 2012. I have found that Tara listens to me, believes me and encourages me every time I see her for my weigh-ins.


It is now October 2013. From the 102kg I was at the end of June 2012 I am now down to my goal weight of 63kg!  That's a 39kg weight loss! This outcome was unimaginable when I first began but Tara has continued to encourage me throughout the whole journey which has greatly assisted my weight loss success. 


The program she developed for me was easy to follow and very versatile, with lots of food choices.  Tara was also very helpful in suggesting options to choose while dining out or visiting friends.


Tara also used her VLA testing to support me, which points out the actual fat loss compared to fluid and muscle loss as well as inflammation levels. 


The single most important factor in my success was Tara's willingness to listen and suggest adaptations to suit my particular problems:  the pain of my fibromyalgia and the consequent difficulty of exercising.


Now I have achieved my ideal weight (yay!!) Tara is helping to work out an eating plan to maintain my weight at its present healthy level.  She is also working with me to address the considerable pain and inflammation of my fibromyalgia."

Rosemary Spark, Beaconsfield

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